Cyclone PCB Factory Dual Z-axis

Cyclone PCB Factory Dual Z-axis allows the Cyclone PCB Factory to have 2 attachment on the Z-axis. This allows for different accessories to be used as a pick and place head and solder paste dispenser. The base machine is the Cyclone PCB Factory and is used to cutting and milling of PCBs for prototyping.
The linking PCB is used to power and control the Z-axis, limit switches and the accessories. The link was made to help manage the cables as a group.
This is only one part of a project that I had been working and hopping soon can be operational.


The Dual Z-axis replaces the Y-axis/Z-axis to the Cyclone PCB Factory.
The machine uses MGN12H Sliding Blocks and nema17 stepper motor to move the Z-axis.
3 limit switches to check limits and positioning.
All the screws used are all M3 screws.

Electronics and Controller:

The controller is a CNC controller with 8 stepper motor controllers, 16 limit switches inputs, USB and SD capabilities.
The linking PCB is used to get the power and control to/from the Dual Z-axis. Get it here.
Under the Dual Z-axis, there is a camera mounted for downwards imaging.

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