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For years now, I have been getting requests to help with repairs of equipment, in particular about the Novation Launchpads. I do try and help where I can but I want to share the information and experience that I am giving out. I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a platform where you can submit your problems and repairs. The platform is Fix My Stuff and is currently under development. Check it out and sign up to get notified when it will become live. If you’re a web developer/designer, please help or review the platform. Any problems email me at

I got this Novation Launchpad Mini on eBay a while ago and have just got around to getting it apart to see whats wrong. The item was marked as not working so I messaged the seller to find out what is wrong with it. Ends up the USB had just come loose. Knowing that I could probably fix it I and use it, I brought it a lot cheaper than a new or even a used one.
The problem with the controller was that the USB had become ripped off the PCB. If it was any other type of USB it would have been easier but since it was a micro USB it was very hard to trace back the tracks and soldering a new USB to the board. I tried a few times and could not get it to connect. I used a different type of USB to find it the controller it self-was working and it was. Then went back on to soldering the micro USB. After a while of procrastination from studying for my exams, I got it working. I mounted it back into place and reassembled it and now works very well.
I hope that it does not fail again. If it does I will probably convert the controller into something else. I would like to find out what the gold pin tabs do.

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I get a lot of questions about this repair and if I would walk through how I did it. I want to get another Launchpad or other broken equipment to make a video and teach you how to fix them. If you have broken Launchpad or other equipment contact me here.

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