Blackening/Blueing of steel parts

After doing a lot of different tests with electroplating, I wanted to try other ways of protecting steel from rusting. One of the easiest ways is called Blueing. it may be the easiest but it may not be the best.

There are a few ways of doing blueing with heat and with chemicals. I had tried Birchwood Casey Perma Blue Liquid Gun Blue in the past and it worked well but its cost too much to be doing a lot of experimenting with. I decided to have a play around with the hot blueing.

Hot Blueing for what I have seen is heating the steel up and quench it in oil. When the steel gets quench into the oil, the oil gets burned into the steel making the steel go black. I tried this a few times on similar parts and the results look great. It may take longer to see if the surface lasts.

When I was playing around with this technique, I worked out this is best to be done outside or in a very ventilated space. I had my workshop fill with smoke from the quenching and smell pretty bad for a few days

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