For the past few years, I have been looking at how I can make manufacturing for myself faster, more efficient and local. This is information about how I manufacturer and how I would like to see myself manufacturer in the future. I want to start doing more of my manufacturer myself but many problems come up doing this. Click the links below to see more information about each topic.

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3D Printing

3D printing in the last few years has achieved so many different things. Objects and parts that could not have been made before can now be easily made. The problems with 3D printing are mostly the cost of making that part. For one-off or very unique parts, 3D printing is…
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Seeing what CNC or computer numerical control has always been very interesting to me. The current machines and what the can do is incredible. So many different uses for them in the manufacturing space. These machines run off Gcode which are location or action commands generated from the computer. But…
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PCB Design

I have been developing my skills in PCB design for years now. I still have a lot to learn and could never learn because it may not be in areas where I would require skills. Currently, most of my PCB designs have been for personal projects but have been trying…
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Project Management

Project management is used everywhere, from the simple job lists around the house to the management of industrial projects. Any time a project is started, there should be some type of management system behind it to push it forward, ensuring the project gets completed. There are many different project management…
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Sourcing Parts

Sourcing parts has always been a long process because of the time it takes to get the parts. This forces me to put projects on hold and could stop it from being completed. When I order parts, if I can afford it, I would buy more then what I need.…
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