Novation Launchpad Mini 2


I got an email from AppleManYT in Victoria Australia asking for help with his broken launchpad mini. He sent it up to me and I had a closer look to see what problem and damage was.
The problem with the controller was that the micro USB had ripped off the PCB. unlike my other repair, this controller didn’t have as much damage and was much easier to resolder the connector back onto the PCB. I inspected the soldering and tried plugging it into a USB, it connected but something was wrong. I tried to reinstall the drivers to ensure that was not the issue and it sadly was not. When I tried to view the data on my oscilloscope, something strange happen and the device came to life. after some time I worked out the USB soldering was good but the filter to filter the 5V and GND power from the USB had a problem. I found that I jumper wire from the USB GND to the device GND fixed the problem and the device worked. I reassembled it and did some testing to ensure it was still working and it was.

do you have a Launchpad?
I get a lot of questions about this repair and if I would walk through how I did it. I want to get another Launchpad or other broken equipment to make a video and teach you how to fix them. If you have broken Launchpad or other equipment contact me here.

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