RGB Strip Controller

Product: PLEX Controller

This controller controls a RGB LED strip with different colours and patterns. the controller that came with the strip was only controlled by an IR remote control and was very small. The problem with the remote was that it was easily lost and then the LED strip could not be controlled. With the controller that I have made it do much of what the IR controller can do and lots more.
The new controller will be able to be controlled by the IR remote as well as the normal interface it has. The controller has a LCD on it to see the function or mod it is on or going to be selected. The 3 buttons are used to scroll or select mods and functions.
The controller uses the PLEX board with a LCD, buttons and MOSFETs for switching the RGB LED on the strip. The controller is using the Arduino bootload and PWM for the fading and changing of colours on the RGB LED strip.

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