3D Scanner

Ever since i got my 3D print i have always wanted to make a 3D scanner. I have got a Xbox kinect sensor and have used it to scan things in to the computer but it can only really do large objects, rooms or people. I have also used 123D Catch but it is very hard to get a good scan with just images and without a turntable with set angles. The scanner that I need uses a laser to show the side of the object. This has different problems over the other methods but may work for what I need.

With this method I am using a SLR camera to scan the object into the computer using either 123D Catch, Horus or other software. The can be 2 lasers lines on the object to help scan the object into the computer. The turntable uses a NEMA 17 stepper motor to spin it to different angles. The lasers and stepper motor is all controlled but an Arduino UNO and an A4988 stepper motor controller located under the scanner. This Arduino gets commends either from the computer scanning the object in or a button to rotate the turn table at different angles.

get the files from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2108531

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