CNC Plasma Cutter

I have wanted a plasma cutter for a while and instead of buying one I decided to make one. The 2D plotter machine did not take too long to make and has been sitting around for about a year while I was getting all other parts required for cutting.
I did not have trouble getting the plasma cutting head/nozzle but have many problems getting the right hoses. After getting the correct parts can some modification to them the cutter was working. The next problem was the controller for the machine. I wanted to challenge myself and build the controller including the hardware and software. Since the plasma machine gives off lots of EMS, the controller would restart itself whenever the plasma was turned on. I fixed this by putting the controller in a metal box and stopped communication over USB (G-code on SD card) and this fixed the problem can I could test the cuts.
The from is made from linear rails and powered by 2 NEMA17 motors in a CoreXY configuration. The controller is PLEX with the Arduino bootloader.
You can get the PLEX controller from
The controller uses the G-Code Arduino Library to read the G-code from the SD card. The G-Code Arduino Library can be found

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