OKI Metcal MFR-1160 Soldering Repair

I have had this iron for years and the other day, it decided to not to turn on. i was very pissed off due to it was very expensive and i love using it. It is more or less a smart soldering iron, it can sense how much heat is required to solder different size pads or solder. I use this a lot and has been great (even tho i need new tips) and i would recommend it to anyone. While it was down and not working, I was using my old iron that i had not used in a very long time, it was weird.
I took it apart to see if i could fix it and was a bit confusing at first but after a while started to understand how it worked. I traced the problem to where it was, it was a 60V to 12V step down regulator. I don’t know exactly what the problem was but it was not outputting the 12V power need to run the controller for the iron. After i attached 12V power from a lab power supply, the iron would turn on. I changed the regulator, tested few other and re-solder them. I got it back up and running, working like it use to.
The over all design of this iron is very interesting, from the electronics inside to the case design. Everything in this iron look very well designed.

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