Nokia 3310 Project

The goal of the project is to make a working Nokia 3310 that works with today’s tech. The device will be as similar as the original including the screen and body (case). It is unknown what process will be in the finished device but the first will have an ESP32. The ESP32 has both Bluetooth and WiFi which will be used to connect to a smartphone as an extension accessory.
From the Nokia 3310, the user will be able to make/receive calls and SMS/text messages as well as play original games and all other good features. Additional features like social networking will come later. A micro USB port is used for charging, programming and debugging of the ESP32.
This first prototype is very basic to see which areas would need the most amount of work and to see if this project is worth continuing. There are features missing and features that will not be apart of the device. This prototype will look mostly at getting the LCD, keypad and Bluetooth/WiFi working.
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