Forward and Inverse Kinematics Library for Delta robot.

Thank you to:

R.L. Williams II, “The Delta Parallel Robot: Kinematics Solutions”, Internet Publication,, January 2016.



DeltaInverseKinematics(double *angleB1,double *angleB2,double *angleB3,double ArmLength,double RodLength,double BassTri,double PlatformTri);

This Function is set up the variables that will be returning for the motors. ArmLength, RodLength, BassTri and PlatformTri are the set values from the Delta robot.


void set(double x,double y,double z);

This function to calculate the angle of each motor given the position X, Y and Z. The motor angles will be returned through the variables declared in the setup;angleB1, angleB2 and angleB3. the values of the angles are in radians.

void setOffsets(double X, double Y, double Z);

This function is used to set the Offsets of X, Y and Z.

void setLimits(double upperX, double upperY, double upperZ, double lowerX, double lowerY, double lowerZ);

This function is used to set the angle limits of each motor.

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