3D Printing

3D printing in the last few years has achieved so many different things. Objects and parts that could not have been made before can now be easily made.

The problems with 3D printing are mostly the cost of making that part. For one-off or very unique parts, 3D printing is great but it cannot be as cost cant complete with plastic injected molding. 3D printing allows functioning prototypes to be held and used to see where the problems are before productions runs.

Local Manufacturing

This technology has allowed the maker to produce parts locally and cheaply. Networks of people have sheared their design on platforms like thingiverse.com allowing more people to not needing to design but just print a part. People have design parts and fixes on these platforms that no longer available.

My goals

My goals over the next few years is to make my 3D printed parts better for manufacturing. Making more machines, making more jigs and making more parts to increase productions and decrease time and costs.

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