Laser Cutter Water Cooling
Product: Laser Cutter Water Cooling

The old laser cutters water cooling system was very simple with no monitoring and only consisting of a fish pond pump in a bucket of water. For a while now, I have been wanting the upgrade to a system with flow and temperature monitoring.
The new systems use a 5L reservoir water tank and a 12V pump to run the water to the CO2 laser with a flow sensor and 5 temperature sensor. On the side of the cooling system is an LCD that displays the temperatures and warnings when the temperatures rise above a max temperature. If a warning appears on the LCD, a buzzer will sound, indicating there is a problem. The 5 temperatures are located in the reservoir tank, on the motor after cooling and before/after the laser. The motor is all run off the PLEX board. This system will not control the pump.


  • 1x PLEX or Arduino UNO board
  • 1x 16×2 LCD
  • 5x DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
  • 1x Hall water flow meter
  • 1x buzzer
  • How to use the monitor:

    The monitor Program can be found here:
    The PLEX PCB can be found here:

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