Wireless Foot Pedal

This is a foot pedal which can send out a signal when pressed. It sends data out on the 433MHz to indicate that the pedal has been pressed.
It was made to reduce the number of cables running around my desks and work areas. It using an Arduino mini to control and send data to the receiver where ever it may be.
It is messy because I didn’t spend much time to spend on the design and the printing of the parts.

how it works
There are 2 switches within the pedal, one is for the power switch for the device which allows it to not use power when not pressed. The second switch indicates to the Arduino that the pedal is switched on. There is a capacitor on the Arduino to hold energy then releases it when the power is switched off. When it switches off, sends data to indicate the pedal is not pressed while the capacitor is discharging
The device is powered by a small 12V battery. The 12V is used for the transmitter and regulated at 5V for the Arduino.

To get the parts, go to: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2543705

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