Universal interface board V1

This board was made as an interface board which can be programmed to control almost anything. On the board, there are 16 buttons which 8 of which are encoders. Each button has 2 LED. The outputs can be to an LCD and control board. The control board is how the interface board interest with the world. A MIDI control board can make the interface board into a musical instrument and a keyboard control board can make it into a custom keyboard. The control board can have 2 buttons with 4 LED on each or 1 encoder with 2 LED. These controls control the interface, making the board have 16 inputs (8 encoders and 16 buttons) but 1-16 different configuration. The will give 256 different inputs (256 buttons and 128 encodes) which only 16 shown.

hardware specifications

  • ATMEGA2560
  • 8 push buttons
  • 8 encoders
  • 32 LEDs

software specifications

  • Arduino platform

Inputs and outputs specifications

  • LCD
  • Data in and out
  • button, encoders and/or LEDs

Control boards

MIDI: This board turns the interface into a MIDI musical instrument.

2.4GHz Wireless: This board turns the interface into a wireless device.

Bluetooth: This board turns the interface into a wireless Bluetooth device.

DMX: This board turns the interface to control different lights.

Keyboard: This board turns the interface into a custom keyboard.

serial/Programer: This can program the board and have USB serial input/output.

Further development

  • Fully programmable.
  • Programmable names.
  • SD to save and load data.
  • Quick and easy replacement of the control board
  • RGB LEDs

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