SG-230 Smartuner repair

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For years now, I have been getting requests to help with repairs of equipment, in particular about the Novation Launchpads. I do try and help where I can but I want to share the information and experience that I am giving out. I have come to the conclusion that I need to make a platform where you can submit your problems and repairs. The platform is Fix My Stuff and is currently under development. Check it out and sign up to get notified when it will become live. If you’re a web developer/designer, please help or review the platform. Any problems email me at

This was nice and simple, one of the inductors and need to be placed back on the board. It did not take too long to open and fix the problem.

The board it self is well made but could have been better to prevent components like inductors coming off the board. The did put some type of rubber or silicon in some places but not where it need it the most. There also could have been more mounts, holding the board down due to i moving so much. This may have caused the components to come off the board. Over all it is a good design and assembled well.

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