PLEX Controller

PLEX Controller

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PLEX is a development board using the Arduino UNO bootloader to be easily programmed by the Arduino IDE. The board has many selectable analog inputs and digital output (up to 32, not including LCD interface). The board was originally designed for one project but has been used in many other projects that require a fast and simple solution. The PLEX board is the same dimensions as a 16×2 LCD and simply attaches to one.

32 Inputs and Outputs

The board has up to 32 selectable analog inputs and digital outputs not including connections to the LCD.

Micro SD Storage

By decreasing the inputs and outputs from 32 to 16 will allow the SD storage to be used. This can be used for controlling, data logging or any other function.

5V and 3.3V regulation

Most Arduino devices use either 5V or 3.3V to power them and this board can deliver this power to them. The board can regulate up to 12V down to 5V and 3.3V.

LCD Display

This board is the same dimensions as a 16×2 LCD and attaches seamlessly to the back of it.

Micro USB interface

The Micro USB can be used to program the Atmega328 microcontroller with the Arduino IDE. It can also be used for debugging and other serial functions

Arduino UNO bootloader

By using the Arduino UNO bootloader, the controller can be programmed using the Arduino IDE. This makes it easy to program, debug and make anything.

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