Customising a MIDI Controller

A while a go, I had bought a $20 MIDI controller which I was going to transform into a wireless controller. Recently I need a smaller and more portable controller then the Traktor S4. As expected as I took it apart, it was lots of smaller PCBs in a case and not one big PCB. They made it easier to customise it. The Central board had everything I need; all controls, processor and USB interface. The board had everything but was the wrong shape, there were two extra parts coming out from either side of the board which need to be cut off. Some tracks were on the part then need to be cut off which meant I need to solder new tracks to the board. After the board had been modified, it was time to design the new case to house the board. The case design was similar to the original case but a lot smaller. This project did not take long to complete, only a few hours.

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