ATX Light Power Supply

This is my new power supply for the lights and accessories at my desk. It may also become the power supply for some bedside lamps.
The power supply uses an old ATX computer power supply and is controlled by a control unit running Arduino. The Arduino is used as the control used to switch the power supply on/off and to add effects. The effects are just fading of the light when the light gets switched on and off, I added these effects to make the lighting system to feel different.
The PCB that was made for this project has 4 MOSFETs for PWM power switching and 2 relays. The Arduino controls these 4 MOSFETs and 2 relays with digital inputs and optical inputs. The optical inputs are to isolate this device from other control devices. I have made the PCB useable with an ESP-01 module but has not been installed yet.

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