Torch V2 WiFi

Product: Torch V2 WiFi

Every torch has set light and function setting but this module changes that. But allowing the torch module to access the internet or your mobile device, it opens the device for change.
This torch module is the second version and it will be continued to be developed.
Most of the time the torch will ack like any other torch, it has set lighting and function settings. When the WiFi is enabled, the torch can now change the set light and functions settings.

how it works
The torch can be programmed differently but the current program uses a push button to switch the light on and continue through different functions. If the button is held and then released after 10 seconds, it enables the WiFi. The WiFi will be enabled for 20 minutes, this gives the device enough time to connect to a phone or to the Internet to update the function settings. The settings will be embedded into the EEPROM of the device. The functions will continually be on the device until it is written over but different functions.

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