Torch V1 – Bluetooth

Product: Torch V1 – Bluetooth

I had an idea a while ago to make a torch with more control. I wanted more control over the lighting, functions and order of a torch. I thought by adding Bluetooth, this device can be programmed from a phone or computer.
Many people have said that adding Bluetooth to a touch is pointless until they knew that it was for programming the lighting not controlling the device. This means that the Bluetooth is not enabled until the user requires changes to the lighting functions. These lighting functions can be how bright the LEDs are to strobe/SOS flashing functions. A torch may be required to have the brightest light and SOS for some application then changed to just different brightness with no flashing functions.
This torch can have up to 6 LEDs (including 3x 1/3W LEDs) and a Bluetooth module controlled by an ATMEGA328P. I have found this device a bit too large for a torch module and will work on a small device.
This is the first prototype, there have been problems where the device is using too much power. This will make the device not last long on a set of batteries and will be fixed in the upcoming prototype.

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