Dipping machine

Product: PLEX Controller

This machine was a test machine that can dip objects into a solution for coating or cleaning. It works well but the dipping space is not that large, hard to use when the object is large or the beaker is large and the dipping drifts as its gets dipped because of how it works. It was a test to see the problems with making a dip coater.
Find the parts here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2721727


After powering the mill with 12V DC power, settings can be seen/changed using the LCD and can be altered using the 3 buttons (up, down and enter). Speed and height are the 2 settings that can be set to control the dip. While running, By pressing the enter button, the dip will reset.

parts list

1 x PLEX controller
1 x 28byj-48 stepper motor
1 x Gt2 Timing Belt
3 x limit switch interrupt
2 x 20mm M3 screw
2 x 20mm M3 screw
4 x M3 nuts
1 x acrylic base
4 x rubber feet


The controller used is the PLEX board from https://tinkersprojects.com/project/plex-controller/. The controller Uses a 16×2 LCD and buttons inputs to set settings display speed/distance while in operation. The limit switch is the reset the dipper to a set hight for dipping, this is that starting point of each dip. The controller sends a pulse to the stepper motor to make the dipping arm go up and down.

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