Cyclone PCB Factory

The Cyclone PCB Factory is a 3D printed CNC which can easily engrave, drill and cut printed circuit boards or PCBs. It makes prototyping quick, simple and easy. It is a great design but unknown who the designer is. The printing of all the parts didn’t take too long and the quality of the parts are very good. I hope to get make many PCB with this machine before upgrading it.


machine dimensions: 250x300x400 mm
PCB working dimensions: 100×160 mm

Arduino with Marlin firmware
3 stepper drivers, 2 end stops + 1 extra pin for probing

Dremel 4000

Further development

  • I would like to replace the screw threads
  • making 2 layer PCB better
  • allowing smaller boards to be made on the CNC


  • Main Site link
  • Reprap Site link
  • thingiverse Site link
  • github Site link(source files)

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