Parts and Projects Manager

This system can manage all my parts and projects together. I have been looking for a system that can manage both parts and projects together but I had not found one. I had found systems that could almost work but there are important parts missing that I required. The systems I found that came close are collabtive (was using it for a while) and PartsBox. I could not find one that did what I need so I build my own system that can do what I wanted it to do.
The systems I made is called Parts and Projects. This system can have all my current, past and on hold projects in the system. It can also keep track of parts and where they are located.
Each project has tasks and parts assigned to it to keep track of the project. Parts can be tracked within the system through the GUI or API. Parts can be moved in and out a box and that box could be relocated. I call this a part in a location, in a location, in a location. This is where lots of parts in a location can all be moved at once but moving a location. All parts and locations can be moved and tracked. Each part and location has a barcode and that barcode can allow that locations or parts to be scanned into a different location.
There are some more features like project collaboration that I want to add but it’s unknown when they can be added.
At the time of writing this, there are bugs and parts are not working but I am working on it. Currently, it works for want I need too.
The public can sign up and use this system for there parts and project management.
the current link is but want to move it elsewhere with SSL.

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