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Project Management

Project management is used everywhere, from the simple job lists around the house to the management of industrial projects. Any time a project is started, there should be some type of management system behind it to push it forward, ensuring the project gets completed.

There are many different project management systems that can be used and are used in different ways. Different projects require different management systems. A good project management system can increase manufacturing productions and decrease time/costs.

Parts and Projects


Parts and Projects was made to handle projects and everything that is attached to them. This software keeps getting expanded to include more details for any project. Currently, this system can handle Projects, To-do lists, Parts, experiments, Products, Documents/Reports, IoT and Work Groups. Some of these features are still in test


Projects is where the projects are listed and handled. From each project, tasks can be added and prioritized.

To-do lists

This to-do list is a selected list of tasks from different projects that will be required to be done.


Most projects requires parts and finding them could be a long process. Parts allows parts to be tracked with location and quantity.


Some projects may require some experimentation before continuing on the project, this system helps to manage your experiments and results.


Projects may become products that are given away or sold. Other projects have an updated version that needs deploying. Before sending your product or version, this system will track serial numbers.


Every project needs some documentations and this system can handle generating documents/reports from the data within the site.


IoT is to send/control and gather information from devices out in the world. This could provide data for a project or to control devices that have been deployed.

Work Groups

Parts and projects can be used as a collaborative project management tool for and part of the system. The workgroups allows users to be added as a group to a project or other system parts.

My goals

My goal is to keep developing this system, removing bugs and improving for anyone to use it and for any project/products anything.