IR Input controller

Years ago, I got a controller that converts different video inputs into HDMI. It has been a great device but it over all deign is crap. The only place it can fits and to look good it at the back is at the of the area when I have an amp and game consoles. There is a button on the side to turn it on/off and a button on the top to select the input. To select an input have to first find the button by reaching behind and then pressing it until finding the right input. It takes about 2-4 seconds before any picture or sound comes through and if I press the button too fast I would skip the input then needing to loop back through. It had an IR input and a remote that did not seem to work and ate batteries.

Not too long ago, it was annoying so much I had to do something about it. After doing some experimenting with IR senders, receivers and Arduinos, I worked out I could send IR signals to the controller using an isolator IC. After finding this I got to work designing a board to send IR signals to the controller. The hardest part was getting the signal from the remote and correctly sending them again. I would like to take this project further but don’t have the time just yet. Before this project, I had not etched for a long time and made a big mistake of putting the wrong mirror image on the board. This made it very hard to solder and solve the problems I had.

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