Garden Lights

For a long time, we had a set of Garden lights near the outdoor sitting area that needed to be replaced. I had plans to take the old lights, sandblast them back and repaint them with a new lighting module. I had lots of problems trying to get the paint off them, the sandblasting was working but had problems with the result.
The place I was working replaced all the office lights with 27W LED lights and old ones were on the ground ready to go out the door. I saw the plastic diffuser and wanted to see if I could laser cut it. Took it home and ran a quick successful test, I can cut this plastic diffuser. Days later I had an idea where I will make my own garden light from the plastic diffuser.
This design is simple and is made with 3 parts. The first part is the light diffuser, the second is the top cover and the last is the light stand.

Light Diffuser
The light diffuser is old offic fluorescent light diffuser and has been laser cut to shape.

Top Cover
The top cover is made from black 2mm acrylic and has been laser cut to shape.

Light Stand
The Light stand is simply made form a 16mm aluminum tube. This tube is used to hold the light and to hold the wire to the light.

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