Electronic memory game

This is a puzzle game to test the user’s memory under pressure where the user needs to work out the code before time and/or the number of tries run out. Different levels of difficulties can be programmed as part of the game.


The interface includes:

  • 3×4 keypad
  • 3 digit 7 segment display
  • mode button on the side

Input and output

  • 3.5 mm jack with both input and output

How it works

The user keys in 3 digits to try and guess the sequence.
The device will show the user if the number is in the 3 digit sequence and if it in the right spot.
The device will only show this for a little time.

The device can be set to have a max amount of tries and/or a time limit.

Further development

  • To be programmed as keypad interface
  • wireless controller

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