DMX Controller Mk2


This DMX controller to made to control stage/party lights through the DMX signal. This DMX signal is widely used for stage lighting systems at festival and clubs.

This is the second DMX controller that I have made but works differently from the first. The First controller, 8 address in a row are selected that can be changed. 1 byte can be changed per fader. Most values in the bit steam don’t need to change but some do. This new controller, each byte gets set either as a set value or to a variable resistor. Each variable resistor can change multiple bytes in the DMX bit steam.

This controller also has WiFi ready for wireless DMX in a different project.


  • 16×2 LCD screen
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • 2 selection button
  • 8 variable resistors
  • XLR DMX Output signal
  • WiFi DMX link

Further development:

  • programmable timing and fading

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